Twitter Tips: Tweeting events to your Google calendar

Do you keep your life running smoothly by using Google Calendar( to track your appointments, meetings, three-martini lunches, and other events? If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can also keep your life running smoothly from the Twittersphere by taking advantage of a tool that lets you update Google Calendar via Twitter.

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Twittercal ( is a service that lets you update your Google Calendar using a direct message on Twitter. You follow @gcal on Twitter, provide Twittercal with your Twitter username and Gmail address, and then authorize Twittercal to access your Google Calendar. 

When all that’s done, you send a direct message to @gcal to add events to your calendar. You use Google Calendar’s Quick Add syntax, which is described in glorious detail here: example, figure 9.19 shows a direct message designed to create a 15-minute-long event at 3:00PM today. Figure 9.20 shows the event safely scheduled in my calendar.

"Twitter Tips: Tweeting events to your Google calendar"

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