Download Facebook album’ extension for Google Chrome

Facebook has become one of the most popular website where people share Although you are provid with the option to download the photos that were uploaded the option provided only allows you to download the photos one by one which is quite tedious.If you want to download a photo album as a whole from Facebook.

You can use ‘Download Facebook album’ extension for Google Chrome. You can use the extension to download all the photos inside an album at one go.

Download Facebook album

All you need to do is to just install the extension (through the link provid below).open a Facebook album page
and click on the button for the extension that can be found in the toolbar (the button for the xtension will
appear after installation).When you clicked on the “Download Facebook album’s photos” icon in the toolbar, you will be provid with all the

photos in a new tab for you to view.  If you want to save all the photos, just press “Ctrl+S’ and select whole
pages”. The photos will be saved in your PC under a new folder.

Download Facebook album

My friend wants to Download Facebook album his/her friend's , so I write a tool for his/her.

1. Link to the album on your facebook page.
2. Click the "Download FB phtos" Icon.
3. You will see all photos on a new tab.
4. Press "Ctrl+S" and select "Save whole pages".
5. Great! You will see a folder including all the photos in this album.

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