Twitter Tips- Changing Your Twitter Password

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When you forged your new Twitter account,you had to specify an account password,and Twitter is security-minded enough to rate your password on-the-fly:Weak, Good, Strong, or Very Strong. If you settled for a Weak or even just a Good rating, you might be having second thoughts and feel you’d sleep better at night with a Strong or even a Very Strong password.

Conversely, you might be wondering what’s the big whoop about a Twitter password? After all, it’s just your Twitter account. It’s not like you’re exposing your finances or national security secrets to the world (I’m assuming here you’re not the Secretary of State). 

True enough, but it’s also true that Twitter accounts have been hacked in the past, with the accounts of Britney Spears and a Twitter staffer (who was using the password “happiness,” which is about as weak as they come) being the most notorious. 
facebook tricks,fb tips,facebook and twitter and digg tips and tricks

If you’re using your real name with your Twitter account, then you definitely don’t want some malicious hacker having his way with this part of your online identity.Fortunately, changing the password for your Twitter account isn’t much harder than what you had to go through in the first place:

 1.  Sign in to your Twitter account.

 2.  Click Settings. The Settings page appears.

 3.  Click the Password tab.

 4.  Use the Current Password text box to type your existing   

   Twitter password.

 5.  Type your new password in the New Password and Verify New 

     Password text boxes.

 6.  Click Change. Twitter updates your account with the new   


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