Twitter Tips- Deleting Your Twitter Account

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I have the feeling that you’re going to love Twitter, but it’s also true that microblogging isn’t for everyone. The constant pressure to answer the canonical Twitter question “What are you doing?” may simply become too much after a while. If taking a short break doesn’t help (I’m talking about a few days or even a few weeks, not a few minutes), then you can walk away and move on with your life. 

You could opt to let your account lie dormant (it is, after all, free), but if there are updates you want to get rid of, or if you don’t want new people to follow you, then you should delete your Twitter account.

Of course, it could be that you love the whole Twitter thing, perhaps even to the extent that you’ve created multiple Twitter accounts. Lots of people juggle multiple Twitter identities (I have two, myself ), but it requires lots of logging in and out, and lots of extra work updating and maintaining each account

If it all just gets to be too much, you might want to delete one or more of your accounts so you can finally get some sleep at night.

-If you need to go the multiple-account route, then I strongly suggest using a third-party tool that supports multiple Twitter accounts, such as twhirl. See Chapter 8 for a look at some of these powerful tweeting tools.-

Fortunately, unlike a lot of online services that bury their account removal features in some obscure nook or cranny of their site (or, worse, require you to call the company to have your account terminated), Twitter makes it nearly painless to delete an account

Here’s what you do:

 1.  Sign in to your Twitter account.

 2.  Click Settings. The Settings page appears.

 3.  Click the Account tab.

 4.  Near the bottom of the page, click the Delete my account link. The Delete page appears, which asks if you really want to go through with this.

 5.  Click Okay, Fine, Delete My Account. Twitter deletes your account.

Did you click the Okay, Fine, Delete My Account button and then immediately regret your rash decision? Not to worry, because Twitter actually keeps your account in limbo for six months. If you change your mind within that time, you can get your deleted account restored with almost no fuss.

 1.  Direct your nearest Web browser to

 2.  Use the text box to type the username or e-mail address associated with the account.

 3.  Click Restore my account. You’ll receive an e-mail message that offers a link, and you click that link to restore your account.Yes, it is really that easy, providing you restore it when your account is still in that limbo period.

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