TRICK-- Hide Your online status on Facebook

Friends asks: How can i hide my online status on Facebook, so friends and network members won’t know if i am online now?

Lately Facebook has integrated the ability to manage your online status in the newly released chat application In order to change your online status, just click the little chat icon in the bottom right corner of your web browser (while signed into Facebook) and pick “Go Online” or “Go Offline” option when prompted.
This setting controls the online status in your previously changeable through Privacy>>Profile.

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====================== Outdated Answer ======================

Here’s what you need to do in order to hide the “I am online now.” signal on Facebook:

1- Login to

2- Hit Privacy and then Profile

3- In the drop down on the right side of the Online Status select either  Only Me or No one.

 4- Hit Save

From now on, people in your network nor friends won’t be able to notice if you are online on Facebook.

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