TRICK -Your Facebook on MySpace?

Both Facebook and MySpace have a very large network. MySpace obviously has many more users so why not advertise your Facebook account on your MySpace profile? You can create a Facebook link very easily and insert the link to appear on your MySpace profile. Follow the steps below to have this on your MySpace profile.

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1. Login to

2. Click Profile on the top menu.

3. Scroll to the very bottom of your profile and click Create a profile badge.

4. Here you will see a few customization options, just choose what you desire.

5. When finished click the Save button and you will be provided with a code.

6. Copy the entire code.

7. Login to

8. Click Edit Profile.

9. Paste the code into the section you want the link to appear and hit Save all changes.

"TRICK -Your Facebook on MySpace."

Reference : avirtualexit.com