Twitter Tips--Getting an e-mail receive a direct message in Twitter

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Getting an e-mail receive a direct message in Twitter-If someone you’re following replies to one of your updates, then you see that reply in your friend timeline, but for all other replies you must open the @Replies section of your home page. However, direct messages never appear in your time lines, so you must sign in to Twitter to see them.

That’s a hassle, but luckily it’s possible to configure your Twitter account to forward direct messages to your e-mail address. This option is turned on by default in new Twitter accounts, but it’s worth following these steps to make sure:

 1.  Sign in to your Twitter account.

 2.  Click Settings.

 3.  Click the Notices tab.

 4.  Select the Email when I receive a new direct message check box.

 5.  Click Save. Twitter updates your account with the new setting.

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