Twitter tips--Typing non-standard characters in Twitter

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Typing non-standard characters in Twitter Besides the keys that you can eyeball on your keyboard, you can also include in your tweets a few non-standard characters, such as and ™. 

Twitter supports a character set called UTF-8,which is a list of 400 symbols, from the usual alphanumeric suspects to currency symbols, math operators, foreign characters, and more. presents a few useful characters and their corresponding codes.

Characters You Can Use In Your Twitter Posts

Character Code Character Code

€       Alt+0128                                    ®        Alt+0174

…     Alt+0133                                      ±       Alt+0177

•       Alt+0149                                       ²       Alt+0178

™     Alt+0153                                       ³       Alt+0179

¡       Alt+0161                                       1/4    Alt+0188

¢      Alt+0162                                      1/2     Alt+0189

£      Alt+0163                                       3/4    Alt+0190

¥      Alt+0165                                       ×       Alt+0215

©    Alt+0169                                        ÷        Alt+0247

To type one of these characters, hold down Alt and type the four-digit code using your keyboard’s 
numeric keypad.Alternatively, use the Character Map application in Windows:

 1.  Choose Start ? All Programs ? Accessories ? System Tools ? Character Map. The Character Map window appears.

 2.  Double-click the symbol you want to use. Character Map adds the symbol to the Characters to copy text box.

 3.  Click Copy. Character Map copies the character to the Clipboard.

4.  Switch to your Web browser and position the cursor within the Twitter text box at the position you want the character to appear.

 5.  Press Ctrl+V. Windows pastes the character into the text box.

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