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Applying a Theme to Twitter Profile

Your fresh-out-of-the-box Twitter account sets up your pages to use a collection of colors and 
images that are the same for all new accounts:

  The page background is light blue.

  The page background shows faint cloud-like images.

  The sidebar uses a light green background.

  The sidebar border is a slightly darker green.

  The links are a darker blue.

  The text is dark gray.

Taken together, these half dozen items comprise the profile’s theme. Happily, you’re not stuck with 
the default theme. If you want to give your Twitter profile a different look, you can apply one of the 
dozen prefab themes that Twitter provides, or you can take an even more customized approach by 
choosing your own theme components.The next couple of sections take you on this theme road less traveled, but for now here are the,

steps to follow to apply a predefined Twitter theme:

 1.  Sign in to your Twitter account.

 2.  Click Settings. The Settings page appears.

 3.  Click the Design tab.

 4.  In the Select a theme area, click a theme that looks 

5.  Repeat step 4 until you find a theme that suits you.

 6.  Click Save Changes. Twitter updates your profile with the new theme.

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