Twitter Tips--Following a person’s updates via RSS

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If you’re a dedicated blog follower and find yourself spending more time in your RSS reader than just about anywhere else, you might not like the idea of having to access the Twitter site or even sign in to your Twitter account to follow a particular person’s tweets. Similarly, you might be following someone’s tweets and you don’t want to miss a thing while you’re not signed in to Twitter. In both cases, Twitter makes each user’s timeline available in an RSS feed, so you can add that feed to your favorite RSS reader. Twitter even makes it
easy to subscribe to the feed using Live Bookmarks, Bloglines, Google, or My Yahoo!. Here’s how it works:

1.  Sign in to your Twitter account. Actually, this part is optional because you don’t need to be logged in to access someone’s RSS feed. However, if you want to get the feed for one of your friends or followers, then you need to sign in.

 2.  Navigate to the user’s profile page.

3.  In the sidebar, click the RSS feed of username’s updates link, where username is the user’s screen name. Twitter displays the feed,

 4.  Subscribe to the feed. The steps required here vary depending on your RSS reader. The standard technique is to copy the feed URL in the browser’s address bar, navigate to your RSS service, select the option to add a feed, and then paste the feed address.

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