Twitter Tips--Following Twitter’s suggested users

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If you’re really not sure where to start with this following business, then you might want to take a look at Twitter’s Suggested Users page, which lists over 100 Twitter users. The list is a real mixed bag that includes mostly members of the Twitterati (the Twitter elite who have the most followers) — including celebrities, companies, media outlets and personalities, and bands — plus the odd apparently randomly selected tweeter. It’s not exactly personal, but it’s an easy way to populate your friend timeline.

Here are the steps to follow:

 1.  Sign in to your Twitter account.

 2.  Click Find People. The Find People page appears.

 3.  Click the Suggested Users tab. Twitter displays a list of users.

 4.  Select the check box beside each person you want to follow. Twitter adds the user’s avatar under the You’ll be following heading.

5.  Click Follow. Twitter returns you to your home page and you see the latest messages from your selected users in your friend timeline.

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