Twitter Tips--Searching for tweets that mention a person

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Searching for tweets that mention a person

Reply tweets always begin with @username ,but plenty of tweets mention users by including @
username  somewhere within the tweet text. It could be a retweet, a shout out to someone, an 
acknowledgment of an original post, a FollowFriday recommendation, or whatever. For these 
types of tweets, you can search for updates that include a reference to a user, possibly also filtered 
with other search criteria.

To search for tweets that mention a user with the Advanced Search page, follow these steps:

 1.  Click the Advanced Search link in a Twitter search page.  The Advanced Search page 

 2.  In the Referencing this Person text box, type the Twitter username of the person 
whose mentions you want to search.

 3.  Use one or more of the text boxes in the Words section to specify which tweets you 
want to match.

 4.  Click Search.  Twitter displays a list of tweets that mention the person and that match 
your other criteria.

To search for a user’s mentions from the Search box, use the @ operator, which you insert 
immediately in front of the username. In figure 6.17 I’ve put together a search query that looks for 
mentions of the user wordspy that contain the text RT (so they’re retweets)

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