Twitter Tips---Sending an update using Twitter’s mobile Web site

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Sending an update using Twitter’s mobile Web site

There are lots of third-party tools you can use to manage your Twitter account using your mobile phone, 
and you learn about many of them later in this chapter. And you’ve seen that you can also use your 
phone’s SMS feature to send tweets. However, what if you don’t want to install a Twitter application on 
your phone, or if your phone doesn’t support third-party programs? Or what if your mobile phone plan 
doesn’t include text messaging, or it charges big-time fees for each message.

If your phone includes a mobile Web browser and you’ve got a data plan, then you can work around each 
of these problems by using Twitter’s mobile Web site to send your tweets. This site is optimized for the 
small screens that are typical of mobile phones, so you can tweet to your heart’s content while you’re on 
the go.

Here are the steps to follow:

 1.  Point your mobile Web browser to  Twitter redirects the browser to the mobile login page.

2.  Use the Username text box to enter your Twitter username.

3.  Use the Password text box to enter your Twitter password.

4.  Select Sign In. Twitter takes you to your home page.

5.  Type your update text in the What are you doing? box.

6.  Choose Update. Twitter sends your update.

7.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Sign Out. Twitter logs you out of your account.

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