Twitter Tips: Searching for tweets that exclude a word

It’s often useful to search for tweets that don’t include a particular word. For example, if you’re interested in Chardonnay wine but you dislike the ones that come from Chile, you can tell Twitter to skip tweets that include the word “Chile.” Here’s how it’s done using the Advanced Search page:

 1.  In a Twitter search page, click Advanced Search. The Advanced Search form loads.

 2.  In the None of These Words text box, type one or more words that you want to use to exclude tweets.

 3.  Click Search.  Twitter displays a list of tweets that don’t contain the words you typed.

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You can run the same type of search using the Search box directly, but you can also search for those tweets that exclude the phrases you specify. The operator you use is the minus sign (-), and you insert it immediately in front of the word or phrase you want excluded from the matching tweets. (For a phrase, note that you must put the minus sign inside the quotation marks.) Figure 6.14 shows an example and its results.

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