Twitter Tips: Searching for replies to a person.

Twitter replies are elusive creatures because you only see them on certain occasions:

A- If the reply is sent to you.
B-If the reply is sent by someone you follow to someone you follow.

However, replies are public for most users, so it seems reasonable that there be some way to get at them. If you want to search the replies sent to a particular person, then you need to use the search engine, which also gives you the added benefit of being able to filter the result based on other search terms.

Here’s how to search the replies sent to a person using the Advanced Search page:

1.  In a Twitter search page, click the Advanced Search link to display the Advanced 
Search form.

2.  In the To this Person text box, type the Twitter username of the person whose received replies you want to search.

3.  Use one or more of the text boxes in the Words section to specify which tweets you 
want to match.

 4.  Click Search.  Twitter displays a list of replies sent to that person that match your other criteria.To search for the replies sent to a person from the Search box, use the to: operator, which you insert immediately in front of the username.In figure 6.16 

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I’ve built a search query that looks for replies to the user stevenbjohnson that contain the word book.

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