Twitter Tips: Sending your search results as a tweet

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When you’re searching the Twitter landscape, you might come upon some sight or landmark that’s particularly striking, so much so that you want to share your discovery with the people who follow you. That’s very nice of you. How you go about doing that depends, yet again, on which search interface you’ve got.

Life is beer and skittles in the old Twitter search regime: near the top of the sidebar, click the Twitter these results link. This immediately posts a tweet that uses the following format:

Searched Twitter for query linkHere, query is the search string you used, and  link is a handy link to the search results. Here’s an example:Searched Twitter for twitter from:mashable Unfortunately, as of this writing, this convenience is nowhere to be found in the new Twitter 
search interface.To duplicate it, you need to follow these steps:

1.  Run the search.

 2.  Copy the resulting URL from the browser’s address bar.

 3.  Click Home to return to your Twitter home page.

 4.  Type a short message that describes the search. If you want to include the 

search query, click your browser’s Back button, copy the search text, click your 

browser’s Forward button, and then paste the string into the update box.

5.  Click Update.

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