Twitter Tips: Searching for tweets from a person.

Running an advanced people search

Although most of your Twitter searching expeditions will scour tweet text for matching posts, it’s also useful to search based on people. For example, you might want to see all the posts sent by a user, all the posts sent to a user, or all the posts that mention a particular user. You perform these people-related searches using either the Advanced Search for or the Search box.

Searching for tweets from a person

If you want to see all the tweets that someone has posted, it’s easiest to navigate to that person’s profile page on Twitter. However, what if you want to see only some subsets of those tweets? For example, you might want to see only those tweets from that person that include a certain word or phrase. For that, you need to take it up a notch and construct a search engine query.

Here’s how you can search for tweets posted by someone using the Advanced Search page:

 1.  Click the Advanced Search link in any Twitter search page.  The Advanced Search page appears.

 2.  In the From this Person text box, type the Twitter username of the person whose tweets you want to search.

 3.  Use one or more of the text boxes in the Words section to specify which tweets you want to match.

 4.  Click Search.  Twitter displays a list of tweets from that person that match your other criteria.

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You can also search for a person’s tweets from the Search box. The operator you use is from:, and you insert it immediately in front of the username. In figure 6.15 I’ve constructed (and run) a search query that looks for posts from the user cshirky that contain the word media.

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