Twitter Tips: Using a feed to monitor search results

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Some searches are one-time-only deals where you run your search, check the results, and then return to whatever you were doing. Sometimes, however, you want to run the same search frequently. For example, you might want to know whenever a tweeter talks about a particular product or service, your company, or yourself. (Don’t worry, everyone searches for themselves on Twitter; call it egoTwittering .) In those cases, it would sure be nice to have some way to monitor the search results.

I mentioned earlier that Twitter monitors your current search query in the background and kindly lets you know if new tweets that match your query show up. That’s fine as long as you have the Twitter search page displayed, which these days isn’t all that inconvenient because all the major Web browsers support tabbed browsing, so you can leave your search open in a tab while you move on with other things.

Of course, you’ll eventually close that browser session or turn off or reboot your computer, so the next time you’re back in the Twitter verse you’ll have to run the same search all over again. To avoid that, a better monitoring idea is to create a feed for the search, which will let you monitor the search from the friendly 
confines of your favorite feed reader, such as Google Reader, News Gator, or Bloglines.

Fortunately, creating that feed is just a click away because Twitter displays with each batch of search results a link to a feed for that search:

 A: New Twitter search:  At the bottom of the sidebar, click the RSS feed for this query link.

 B: Old Twitter search: At the top of the sidebar, click the Feed for this query link.Either way, when the feed page opens, copy the URL from the address bar. Now switch to your feed reader, create a new subscription, and then paste the address when the feed reader asks you for the feed URL.

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