Twitter Tips: Send your blog feed to Twitter

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If you’ve got a blog as well as a Twitter account, you can send a tweet each time you post a new blog entry to let your followers know you’ve got some outside content for them to read. However, why bother with that extra step when you can get your blog post sent automatically to your Twitter account? The tool for this task is Twitterfeed (, which takes items in from an RSS feed and automatically forwards them to a Twitter account.

Here’s how you set things up:

1.  Go to and create an account.

2.  Click Create new feed. Twitterfeed displays the Create new feed page.

3.  In the Create new feed list, choose Twitter.

4.  Use the Username and Password text boxes to enter your Twitter credentials. At this point it’s a good idea to click Test Twitter authentication to make sure Twitterfeed can connect to your Twitter account.

5.  Type the address of your blog’s feed in the RSS Feed URL text box. To make sure all’s well, I suggest clicking Test RSS feed to ensure that Twitterfeed is receiving the feed loud and clear.

6.  Use the Update frequency list to choose how often you want Twitterfeed to check your RSS feed for new entries.

7.  Use the Include list to choose what parts of each blog post you want posted to Twitter.  Choose Title & description, Title only, or Description only.

8.  If you don’t want your update to include a link back to your blog, deselect the Include item link check box.

9.  If you want to mark these tweets to indicate they come from your blog (for example, “Blog Post:”), type up to 20 characters in the Prefix each tweet with text box.  Figure 9.21 shows a complete feed ready for action.

10.  Click Create. Twitterfeed creates your new feed.Twitterfeed checks your blog feed after whatever time interval you chose in step 6, and it then posts your most recent blog entry to your Twitter account.

"Twitter Tips: Send your blog feed to Twitter"

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