iPad Tips and Tricks: Prevent & Disable iPad Sync

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iPad automatically syncs with iTunes when connected with the computer.But you may find this feature disturbing. So if you want to prevent iPad sync with iTunes unless you allow it to do so.

then here is how to disable iPad sync. Just follow the below steps to prevent or disable iPad 
sync with iTunes. 
1.  Launch iTunes.

2.  Click on"iTunes" option on Mac OS X. Windows users click on "Edit". 

3.  Select "Preferences". 

4.  Select "Devices" tab. 

5.  Check the "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically"checkbox and 

click on OK. 

Now iPad will not sync with iTunes unless you enable it again. 

"iPad Tips and Tricks: Prevent & Disable iPad Sync"

Reference : top-ipad-video-converter.com