iPad Tips and Tricks: Shut Down Your iPad For Real

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When you press the power button on the iPad it really just turns off the screen. That‘s why it comes on so fast. What you may want to do to conserve battery life or recover from a freeze is do a reboot.   

To  do  this  just  hold  down  both  the  power  button  and Home  button  until  the  red  slider appears on the screen. Slide it and the iPad will shut down. Give it a minute and then you can restart it by pressing the power button again.

 It seems to take a few seconds before it responds  so  be  patient. And,  to  force  quit  an  application,  just  hold  the  home  button  by itself in a similar fashion. 

"iPad Tips and Tricks:  Shut Down Your iPad For Real "

Reference : top-ipad-video-converter.com