Windows Linux Tips: More information from usenet

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There are newsgroups about everything. Newsgroups on the latest TV show, on gardening, and more. There
also are newsgroups on Linux. In fact, the best help can be obtained from newsgroups. But which ones?
Here is a list of a few newsgroups dedicated to Linux, and what they are used for:

•  comp.os.linux.advocacy: This newsgroup is used for advocacy. People stating their opinionsabout Linux or Linux applications, and about Linux competitors. Some post facts, some willflame other people.

•  comp.os.linux.setup: This is a general purpose setup help group. Users will post questions and
get answers there.

•  linux.*: There now is a linux section on usenet. Currently there are more than 150 groups in
linux.* and they are all about Linux!Make sure you read the FAQ and rules of every newsgroup you want to post to.

"Windows Linux Tips: More information from usenet"