iPad Tips and Tricks : Show Movies On a Bigger Screen

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The iPad can send its display to a larger screen just like a computer can. But only certain apps take advantage of this feature. The Video app does so long as you are obeying the DRM rules. 

It is a pain, but if the video has DRM it won‘t work usually. But if  you  have  a  home  movie loaded or some DVD you have ripped, it should work.You will need the Dock-to-VGA adapter. 

Other apps that allow for showing content trough the adapter are Netflix, Keynote and Photos. If you want to show off a web page, then get the Expedition app. 

You  can  connect  the  iPad  to  your  television. You'll  need  the  Apple  iPad  Dock  Connector  to VGA Adapter, which connects to the 30-pin port on the iPad and to the VGA port on your HD. 

"iPad Tips and Tricks : Show Movies On a Bigger Screen "

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