Windows 7 Tips: On Screen Keyboard

Another post for the day, I have accumulated all of them since last weekend. Pushing them all at now. Working online and using your Internet Banking Facility, Key logging Software's can take out your password the moment you type them and further misuse them. You can simply take advantage of On screen

Keyboard utility provided by Microsoft to type without using keyboard. It will bring a keyboard on your desktop and you can use your mouse pointer to click to type any key.

How to get it?

1. Use Win+R key to get Run dialog box

2. Write "OSK" and press enter.

3. Your Onscreen Keyboard is at your service.

Alternatively you can find the same in  "StartMenu->All Programs->Accessories->Ease of Access->On screenKeyboard".

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This is how an On Screen Keyboard looks in Windows 7. 

"Windows 7 Tips:  On Screen Keyboard"

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