Facebook Tips: Controlling Which Posts You See

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Another way to manage your News Feed is to limit whose posts appear there, and which of their updates you can see. You can do this by subscribing to people you find interesting, unsubscribing from those whom you don't, and blocking some of your Friends' posts from showing up on your News Feed. 

Subscribing and Unsubscribing When you subscribe to someone on Facebook, you receive their updates in 
your News Feed. By default, you subscribe to all of your Friends. You can also subscribe to people you aren't Friends with. For instance, you might subscribe to your favorite celebrity or politician. 

When you subscribe to someone you're not Friends with, you'll only see the posts and updates they've chosen to make public. You can always unsubscribe from a Friend if you'd rather not see their updates. Unsubscribing from someone doesn't remove them as a Facebook Friend, so you'll still be able to see their activity on their Profile. Also, they won't be notified that you unsubscribed. 

When you subscribe to someone you're not Friends with, you're not sharing any of your information with them. They'll be able to see that you subscribe to their updates, but they won't be able to see any parts of your Profile that aren't public. 

To Subscribe to Someone's Updates: Navigate to the Profile of the person you wish to subscribe to. 
In the top right corner of their Profile, click Subscribe. 

"Facebook Tips: Controlling Which Posts You See "

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