Computer Tips Step 2 – Use Strong Passwords

Computer Tips Step 2 – Use Strong Passwords

Of course, encryption won’t be worth anything if someone can simply turn on your computer and brute-force attack the login until they get the correct password. Using a strong password that is long and that is a combination of numbers, symbols and letters makes it really hard for someone to crack that password using a brute force attack. Of course, there are other ways to bypass passwords altogether, but there are things you can do to get around that problem, which I’ll write about later.

I’ve previously written about 4 free online tools you can use to generate strong passwords. Also, read my 5 tips for creating strong passwords.A lot of people tell me that they don’t use such strong passwords because they can never remember them and then they end up having to reset it over and over again.

 I agree, that’s a problem. That’s why I use LastPass, which is an online and offline password manager that is super secure. You can store the passwords for all your websites and accounts and access them from your smartphone or computer easily.

"Computer Tips Step 2 – Use Strong Passwords"

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