Secure your Google Account Use 5 Ways

We recently posted an article 5 Ways to Secure Your Data and Information, which provided you with some great tips for adding more security to your home network and personal computer. However, much of your data may not be stored on your home network or computer at all, but rather on the internet. In today’s post, we will review 5 ways to secure your Google account.

Secure your Google Account  Use 5 Ways

Your Google account may also be also linked to the many Google services that you use. These services could be your YouTube account, Google Plus account or even your Google Checkout account that you use to purchase items online. Thus, it may be wise to maximize the security of your Google account by configuring some settings and taking some other actions, to minimize risk of compromised passwords and hacking attempts. Here are 5 things you can do to add more security to your Google account:

"Secure your Google Account  Use 5 Ways"

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