Computer Tips Step 3 – Two Factor Authentication

So there is one problem with encryption and strong passwords and that is that they can still be hacked if someone can sniff out your password while it’s being sent across the Internet. For example, let’s say you’re at a coffee shop and connected to the wireless network there, which is probably insecure. If you log into a website that is not using SSL (https in the address bar), a hacker could sniff your password while it’s being sent across the Wifi network.

So how do you protect yourself there? Well firstly, you never do anything sensitive while on a insecure wireless network or public Wifi network. It’s just too risky. Secondly, you can use two factor authentication. This basically means that you need a password and another piece of information to log into the website or service.

Computer Tips Step 3 – Two Factor Authentication

Google has 2 step verification that is simply awesome. It basically makes your entire Google account hack-proof. Why? Well, even if someone gets your super strong Google password, they won’t be able to access anything until they can also get the 6-digit code that is generated every 30 seconds and that you can only see on your smartphone. Essentially, they would have to get your password and your phone and then they would be able to login. 

That reduces your chances of being hacked by a huge factor.But what’s great is that there are lots of sites that use two-factor authentication. For example, the Last Pass site I mentioned above works with Google Authenticator and therefore you don’t have to worry about all your passwords being protected by a single password. It’ll now be a password and code that only you have access to.

And check out Facebook Login Approvals. In order to login from a new device, Facebook will first send you a code to your phone and you have to enter that along with your password. Now your Facebook account can’t be hacked either.And there’s more! Use Paypal? Well they have something called Paypal Security Key. Same concept, send you a text message with a  code that you can use to login. What about a WordPress blog? Well, you can use the Google Authenticator plugin to secure your websites from hackers.

Two factor authentication is simply unbeatable in terms of how easy it is to setup, yet how much more secure your data becomes. Check your favorite sites to see if they support two factor authentication.

" Computer Tips Step 3 – Two Factor Authentication"

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