Computer Tips Step 5 – Antivirus Software

 Computer Tips Step 5 – Antivirus Software

Computer Tips Step 5 – Antivirus Software

Again, you can do steps 1 thru 4, but it can all be useless if a virus or malware gets installed on your computer and someone can remotely control it or remotely transfer data from your computer to their servers. Antivirus is essential today and also good browsing habits.

I personally recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows as it’s free and does a very good job of detecting viruses and malware. If you suspect you already have something, read my previous post on removing malware and spyware.

Implementing these five practices will greatly reduce your chances of being hacked and your data being stolen. There are still ways for hackers to get around even the most secure networks and encryption, but there’s no harm in making it really hard for them to do. What are your thoughts? How do you protect your digital data.

" Computer Tips Step 5 – Antivirus Software"

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