Facebook tips: Blocking and reporting applications

There are sev eral things you can do to report an application. When reading your new s feed, you can choose to 'Mark as spam'. Facebook w ill add it to other reports to decide w hether the user or the application is spam.

Facebook tips: Blocking and reporting applications

Just like profile reporting and blocking, you can click through to any application's page and report or block the application.

Facebook tips: Blocking and reporting applications

Facebook tips: Blocking and reporting applications

I f an application is posting to your profile w all, here's a few opti ons that help you w ork out why it's happening and how to stop it (with v arious degrees of severity):

Check to see if you allow ed it to be imported, by looking at your Profile Wall and choosing 'Options' then 'Settings'.

Check 'Account Application Settings'  page to see if you have granted permissions to this application. Edit settings to deny permission. 

I f it has been posted due to an application your friend has added, remove permissions for your friends' applications to know your details, block the application and report it. 

You can remov e one occurrence (hover in the top right and click 'remove') then ask for the application to not be allow ed to post. Sadly, this w on't w or kif a friend has posted the update. 

Ask your friend to stop the updates or to remov e the application.Remove your friend as a connection on Facebook.Change the viewing permissions for your w all, so you w on't be embarrassed 
by these updates w hen you hav en't yet deleted them. 

Ban all of your friends from posting to your w all (that w ill  definitely stop it).Lobby Facebook to allow fine-tuning of w ho can post to your w all. Lobby Facebook to disallow applications which post to your w all v ia your friends' actions. 

Managing notifications from applications

I t's easy to cut dow n on the email s you receive from Facebook and its applications. Go to your Account Settings page and click on the Notifications tab to choose. 

"Facebook tips: Blocking and reporting applications "

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