Facebook Tips: Managing Friends With Lists

Friends lists can be used to filter your new s feed, choose who you want to chat with, make event invitations easier and filter your updates and personal information from certain people. They're extremely useful and best set up as soon as possible , so that you can add friends to the right lists as you connect with them on Facebook. From the home page, click on the "Friends" application. Then, at the top you'll see "Create a List". 

Facebook Tips: Managing Friends With Lists

A few lists you'll probably w ant to make:Relationship to you: Friends; Family; Professional; Acquaintance. 
How much you like them: Best friends; People you w ant to hear from; People you don't w ant to chat to often.

How you know them: Clubs & Associations; School/University; Conference; Mutual Interest; Social Circle. 
These groups are just recommendations; you’ll discov er what’s useful for you as w e continue.

"Facebook Tips: Managing Friends With Lists"

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