Facebook Tips: Account Settings Facebook Privacy

Before you get started using Facebook, you should check and adjust your account settings. To access these settings, click the Account drop-down button and select Account Settings.

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For your own safety and protection you should always review the privacy settings of any application or website you join on the web. Facebook privacy is rather complex and its policies have often been controversial in regards to how much user information is being shared. 

That is why it is important to have a good understanding of how your information is shared and what policies and controls Facebook has in place for privacy. You've heard the stories surrounding Facebook privacy issues. They range from someone being humiliated (or bullied) by a photo or video that was shared, to an employee being fired for making negative comments about the boss or the workplace in general. These types of problems can usually be prevented by using common sense….and by taking advantage of Facebook's 
privacy settings. 

These settings let you control exactly who can see the things you post. Unfortunately, many users do not pay attention to their privacy settings. Here are the essential things you have to know about Facebook privacy: 
By default, ALL of the information you share on Facebook is publicly visible. In other words, if you never change your privacy settings, then anyone on Facebook— or Google, etc. 

will be able to find and view your Facebook information and activity. Some information from your profile will always be considered public, no matter which privacy settings you apply. This information includes your name, profile picture, and gender, as well as the networks you belong to. If you'd rather not share this 
information, don't include it in your profile.

When you connect with third-party websites and applications, you're giving them permission to access and share information from your Facebook account. You should pay special attention to what an application is asking you for before you agree to connect to it. 

Facebook advertisers use your public information to show you ads that are targeted to your interests and personal information. Facebook does not share information about your identity without your consent. However, if you click on an advertisement, that advertiser may put a cookie in your browser for tracking purposes. Remember that you are the user AND the product. 

Facebook makes money off of the users by selling ad space and your  “Likes” and “Interests” 
information. But hey, it’s free to use !   Facebook uses facial recognition technology to identify you in 
photos. Facebook is able to use your tagged photos to collect data that will recognize your face.

 Currently this data is only used to assist with tagging uploaded photos. Minors (under 13yrs old ) and Facebook Privacy Facebook offers some extra privacy protections for users under the age of 18. However, these protections aren't very strong. Minors do show up in public search results, and anyone can view their most basic information, like name and Profile picture. 

Unless they set privacy controls, their other personal information— including contact information, photos and updates— can be viewed by their Friends and their Friends' Friends, which includes people that the minor may not know, or wouldn't otherwise want viewing their information. 

Parents definitely need to monitor their teenagers' Facebook use, and work with their kids to set privacy controls that make sense. Remember, children under the age of 13 are not allowed to use Facebook. 

"Facebook Tips: Account Settings  Facebook Privacy "

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