Twitter Tips: Configuring the TweetDeck window

One of TweetDeck’s greatest strengths is its seemingly endless number of window confirmation options. You can add more columns, remove existing columns, move columns left or right, adjust the window size to show more or fewer columns, and even shrink the window down to a single column. Here are the basic techniques to use:

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A: Adding a column.  With the exception of the Tweet button, you click the buttons along the top of the TweetDeck window (the ones to the left, that is) to control the columns you see in the TweetDeck window. 

Besides the All Friends, Replies, and Direct Messages columns, which are displayed by default, you have a half dozen other options: Favorites, Group (see the section “Creating a TweetDeck group”), Twitter Search (see the section “Monitoring a search”), TwitScoop (displays hot Twitter topics as determined by the TwitScoop service; see last post), and two services that require accounts — 12seconds and StockTwits.

B:   Removing a column. If you don’t use a particular column, you should remove it to reduce clutter in the TweetDeck window. Click the X in the upper-right corner of the column, and then click the Yes icon when TweetDeck asks you to confirm.

C: Changing a column’s position. You can move a column’s position within the TweetDeck window by clicking the left and right arrow buttons that appear in the toolbar below each column. For example, if you have more columns than can fit within the TweetDeck window, a horizontal scroll bar appears so you can scroll your columns. If you find yourself constantly scrolling to a column you use frequently, consider moving the column to the left so that it’s back onscreen.

D:  Using Single column view. If you have a second monitor, a great idea is to display the TweetDeck on that monitor so you can keep an eye on your columns. If you’re stuck with a single monitor, one alternative is to shrink the TweetDeck window down to a single column, and then move the window to the side of your monitor so that it’s out of the way of your regular work. To make this happen, click the Single column view icon (it’s third from the right in the upper-right corner of the window).

"Twitter Tips: Configuring the TweetDeck window"

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