Twitter Tips: Working with tweets

To work with a tweet, move your mouse over the avatar of the person who sent the tweet. As shown in figure
8.10 (see the second tweet from the top), twhirl displays four icons:

A: Send reply. Click to send a reply to the tweeter.

B: Send direct message. Click to send a direct message to the user (as long as you follow each other, of course).

C: Favor. Click to mark the tweet as a favorite.

D: Retweet.  Click to retweet the message to your followership.

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If you want to gain a bit of control over a lengthy list of tweets, click Toggle filter (it’s the funnel
icon), and then use the Filter text box to specify a filter.

A: To show only those tweets that include a particular word, type that word and press Enter or Return.

B: To hide those tweets that include a particular word,

type a minus sign (-), type the word, and then press

Enter or Return.

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