Twitter Tips: Adding a Twitter gadget to your iGoogle page

If you’ve got a customized iGoogle page loaded with gadgets, why not add a Twitter gadget into the mix.

 Here’s how:

1.  Head directly to your iGoogle page by surfing to

2.  If you don’t have an automatic sign-in, click Sign In, type your Google e-mail address and password, and then click Sign in.

3.  Click the Add stuff link. Google displays the Gadgets tab.

4.  In the Search for gadgets text box, type twitter and click Search. Google displays a list of Twitter gadgets.

5.  Check out the gadgets by clicking the link for each gadget.  In the page that appears, you see a screen shot, a description of the gadget, user reviews, the number of downloads, and more. Use this information to select a gadget that suits you.

6.  Display the page for your preferred gadget and then click Add it now.  Google adds the gadget to your iGoogle home page.

7.  Click Back to iGoogle home.

8.  Use the gadget to log in to your Twitter account. Figure 8.21 shows Twitter Gadget in my iGoogle home page.

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"Twitter Tips: Adding a Twitter gadget to your iGoogle page"

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