Twitter Tips: Tweetvisor Web based Twitter

Tweetvisor ( is probably the most ambitious of the Web-based Twitter applications in that it doesn’t compromise on features. Almost every bauble and bangle that you get on even the best desktop clients is available with Tweetvisor. 

The downside is that the interface is awfully busy, as you can see in figure 8.17.Your Tweetvisor home page is chock full of stuff, so I’ll just hit the highlights:

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A: Your Replies.  This is the left column and it shows the reply tweets that folks have sent you. Click and drag the Set refresh rate slider to specify how often you want Tweetvisor to check for new replies.

B: Update box. You use this box to send a tweet. It comes with a built-in URL shortener, and clicking the Tools link enables you to create tasks and shrink tweet text.

C: Tabs. These are the buttons below the update box, and Tweetvisor offers nine in all, including Friends Timeline, Me (your tweets), Favorites, and Followers List. Click the Groups tab to create subsets of your friends. Click Search to run a Twitter search, which you can then save the search to the Favorite Searches tab by clicking the Save this topic and  track the updates link. You can also click the Tweets About You tab to view a list of updates that mention you, or the RTs tab to see a list of updates that have retweeted your tweets.

D: Your Hot Topic.  This section is designed to show you the results of a Twitter search. If there’s a topic you’re particularly interested in monitoring, run a search using the Search tab, and then click the Make topic HOT link. This displays the result in the Your Hot Topic section, where Tweetvisor will update the results automatically every few minutes.

E: Friends Timeline.  This middle column shows your friends’ tweets. Click Refresh to see more, or select the Real-time check box to have Tweetvisor refresh the timeline automatically. Hover your mouse over a tweet to see icons for replying, retweeting, sending a direct message, and marking the tweet as a favorite.

F: Your Direct Messages.  This column shows the direct messages that you’ve received.

"Twitter Tips: Tweetvisor Web based Twitter "

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