Twitter Tips: More Twitter Tools to Play With Scheduling tweets

The Twitterverse is so crowded with Twitter-related tools that it would take another book this size, heck another two books this size to cover them all. I might just do that one day, but for now I’ll 
delve into a few tools that I think are useful, fun, or just plain cool.

Scheduling tweets

Sometimes you compose a tweet, but then realize it would be better if you posted it later. For example, it could be a birthday greeting or other message to a friend in a different time zone who, if you sent it now, might miss it because she’s sleeping. Or perhaps you’re going on vacation for a week and, not being a Twitterholic, you decide to also take a week off from tweeting. However, you don’t want your account to appear dormant, so it would be nice to compose a few tweets now, and then have them posted every day or two while you’re away.

Yes, Twitter is all about what’s happening now, but sometimes your life is about what’s happening then. For those times, you can take advantage of the growing list of services that let you schedule 
tweets. Here’s a sampling: 

1:  FutureTweets ( With this service you can publish a tweet at a specific date and time, or you can set up a recurring tweet that gets shipped out daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Also includes the completely unrelated capability of flipping tweet text upside down and backwards. No, I don’t know why.

2:  HootSuite ( This service lets you send tweets now or at a specified date and time. You can set up multiple Twitter accounts and perform most basic Twitter functions (send replies, retweets, and direct messages, unfollow people, see the replies and directs you’ve received, and more).

3:  TweetLater ( The free version of this service lets you post tweets a specific number of minutes, hours, days, or weeks from now, or at a specific date and time (see figure 9.12). TweetLater Professional (for which you must fork over a monthly fee) lets you create recurring tweets. Both versions also include many other tools for managing your Twitter life, including multiple Twitter accounts, automatic follows and unfollows, keyword tracking, and more.

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"Twitter Tips: More Twitter Tools to Play With Scheduling tweets"

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