Twitter Tips: Adding a Twitter widget to your Mac dashboard

If you want to do the Twitter thing using your Mac’s Dashboard application, there’s a widget called (not even remotely surprising) Twidget that’s worth the download. Here’s how to get it:

1.  Open Safari (or whatever Web browser you prefer) and direct it to dashboard/. The Dashboard Widgets page appears.

2.  In the Search box, type twidget. The page displays a link to the Twidget widget.

3.  Click Twidget. The download page for Twidget appears.

4.  Click Download. Your browser downloads the widget and the Widget Installer appears.

5.  Click Install. Within seconds, the Dashboard opens and you see Twidget ready and raring to go.

6.  Type your Twitter username and password and choose My Friends in the Timeline Display pop-up 

7.  Click Done.

8.  Click Keep.  Figure 8.20 shows the Twidget widget running in the dashboard.

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"Twitter Tips:  Adding a Twitter widget to your Mac dashboard"

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