Twitter Tips: Adding the Twitter widget by hand

If your TypePad blog uses an advanced template, Twitter won’t be able to update your blog automatically. Not to worry, though, you can still do it by hand. Here’s how:

1.  Sign in to your Twitter account.

2.  Go to to open the Get a Widget for Your Site page.

3.  Click the TypePad logo.

4.  Click Continue to open the Add Twitter to your TypePad weblog page.

5.  Use the Number of updates list to select the size of the tweet list.

6.  Use the Title text box to change the title to something other than the default (“Twitter Updates”).  If you prefer to go without a title, select the No Title check box.

7.  Click the View the code link. Twitter displays the widget code in a text box.

8.  Highlight the code and press Ctrl+C (or Ô+C on a Mac) to copy it.

9.  Log in to your TypePad account.

10.  Click the blog you want to use.

11.  Click the Design tab. TypePad displays a list of the advanced templates your blog uses.

12.  Click the Sidebar template.  The Edit Template: Sidebar page appears.

13.  Position the cursor where you want the widget to appear in the sidebar.

14.  Press Ctrl+V (or, on your Mac, Ô+V) to paste the widget code.  Figure 7.16 shows the code pasted at the top of the sidebar template.

For some ideas on customizing this code, see the section “Adding Twitter’s HTML widget to your site” later in this chapter.

 15.  Click Save.  TypePad saves the template and now shows your tweets to your blog visitors.

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"Twitter Tips: Adding the Twitter widget by hand"

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