Twitter Tips: Sharing Photos, Videos, and Music

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Facebook users get to share photos and videos with their friends, and MySpace users also get to share their favorite MySpace bands with their peeps. Twitter is, obviously, a text-only medium, so sharing media with your tweeps is out, right? True, you can’t embed media directly into a tweet, but you can embed links to any media that you’ve added to other sites, such as Flickr and 

That works, but the entire process is a bit on the exhausting side, particularly if you want to share 
lots of stuff:

1.  Go to the site where your media is hosted.

 2.  Upload the media to the site.

 3.  Copy the address of the page that displays the media.

 4.  Go to a URL-shortening service and shorten the address from step 3.

 5.  Go to Twitter or load your favorite Twitter application.

 6.  Compose a tweet about the media, paste the shortened URL, and then fire away.

My but that’s an awfully roundabout way to perform a task that takes only a few mouse clicks on Facebook or MySpace. Ah, but the Twitterverse can be remarkably resourceful when it senses something missing from its vast toolbox. So now there are special Twitter-friendly sites where you can perform all of these steps in one place. It’s the civilized way to share photos, videos, and music. 

The next few sections tell you about a few of these sites.Sharing photos If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a single photo is the equivalent of about seven tweets! 

Fortunately, you only have to post a single tweet to share a photo using any of the many photo-sharing services that support Twitter. In the next section, I show you how to TwitPic and later I give you some info about a few other photo-sharing sites.

"Twitter Tips:  Sharing Photos, Videos, and Music"

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