Twitter Tips: Getting started with

Your first chore is to sign up, which you can do by following these steps:

 1.  Make a beeline with your browser for

2.  Click Signup.

3.  Type your e-mail address and a password (twice).

 4.  Click Signup. creates your account and displays the Manage Social Networks page, shown in figure 9.10.

The idea is that you run through the list of social networks, and for each one you use, click the Add Network link and set up your account particulars. Here are the steps to follow for configuring 

Twitter on

 1.  On the Manage Social Networks page, click the Add Network link beside Twitter. The Settings / Twitter page appears, as shown in figure 9.11.

2.  Type your Twitter username and password.

3.  Leave the Status updates check box and the Micro-blogging check box selected.

 4.  If you plan on posting to using a device with built-in GPS (such as an iPhone 3G) and you want to modify your Twitter location data, leave the Update location check box selected.

5.  Click Submit.

"Twitter Tips: Getting started with"

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